YouTube Series based on the Shamanic Dreams Journeys of Ari Stone



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Brand NewDreamWalker Magik” YouTube Series For Teens and Young Adults to Follow Book Series 

 2018 – 

Book 1 will take you on the adventure of a lifetime and opens with a dimension rescue performed in connection with the recently discovered Nazca Being, from there you’ll be taken on board an ET space craft as Enetka assists 3-fingered beings with a permanent love infusion and it is then deemed necessary to perform a special galactic brain surgery for interplanetary communications.  During this time her memories are restored about the destruction of a dimension from a failed slit experiment.  Now Enetka must travel back in time to restore all dimensions, realities, and timelines, via the unified expression of love.

DreamWalker Magik presents the hottest and most pressing world topics of today – Ancient Aliens – Secret Space Program – Space Ships – Time Travel – Dimensions – Portals – Manifesting – Advanced Technology -Governments – Magik – Legends – and More – DreamWalker Magik has it all!

Later we will produce a Bi-Weekly series for YouTube based on 500+ Shamanic Dream Vision Journeys of Ari Stone dating back as early as 2006.

In the meantime,  read the books and learn about love based magik that has been occurring behind the scenes for many years in conjunction with the breakthroughs we are experiencing today in Waking 3D Life and as experienced first dream-hand by Ari Stone.

Written by Chris Lee, Illustrations by Kendall Falk, Produced by Alyssa Montalbano.

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– Message from Ari –

“I am a very ancient being.  My memories are being restored via dreams. I have direct experience with: protecting others and myself from the darkest of entities with white-light magik (no fighting). I time travel, dimension hop, phase shift, create portals, manifest things, and heal others.

The DreamWalker Magik series is youth focused and will share of my personal shamanic-dream-vision-journeys and showing everyone what is possible when they step into spaces of love. My journey of self discovery lead me into the worlds of ancient aliens, Secret Space Programs, the Antarctic, corrupt governments, and more.   

This is the first time my dreams will be released publicly.

Each episode will take you on grand adventures through time, space, magik, galactic neighbor visits, and more. You’ll explore new ways of powerfully handling dark entities and personal life challenges through the eyes of love and neutrality. Everything you see here . . . you too can do in your dreams . . . . The Keys? Love and truth. Its as simple and as complicated as that.”

Magus Zen Ari Stone